About SolRem

SolRem is a project funded by Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Program (CERV), part of the EU grants. The project raises awareness of the history of resistance and solidarity against right-wing authoritarianism in five target countries: Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. It starts a communitarian reflection on past resistance and agency in places where they have been silenced pocketed as something else, or ignored.

National histories often contested the solidarity and resistance against authoritarianism in Europe. The project starts with the belief there is a clear continuation between pastand present. Today’s social polarizations are consequences of incomplete narratives. Once people have a more nuanced understanding of history’s usages, a more informed historial outlook, and tools to deal with this, communities will reach a level of resilience towards messages that instigate racism, hate, xenophobia and misogyny.

We have to research again, go beyond collective memory and askowledge how this heritage entangles in the target countries. We need a different approach to teaching complex histories and their narratives. We should open informal dialogues about memory and history.

Sol Ren sheds light on the permeation of concepts, narratives and images associated with right-wing “travel” across decades. It shows the impact of the politics-collectivememory dependency. The project is a necessary step in combating anti-semitism and protecting democratic values.

SolRen is a necessary look back.